Our Quality Policy

To meet customer demands and special requests just in time by producing economical and high quality products and also to ensure continuous customer happiness.

This Policy;

  • To reduce costs while continuously increasing quality, productivity and creativity,
  • To be a business partner and always a reliable company that our customers adopt and prefer in every aspect,
  • To continuously improve our corporate identity and corporate culture,
  • To prevent mistakes before they occur, to work to ensure that the production is done correctly at the first time and continuously,
  • To cooperate closely and assist our suppliers,
  • To make continuous improvement studies towards quality targets,
  • To ensure product safety, to minimize the risks to our customers and employees,
  • To fulfill our responsibilities to the environment and society, to produce products that comply with legal requirements,
  • To ensure the competence of our employees and their conscious participation in our continuous improvement,
  • In all these studies, we anticipate applying by considering our company’s profitability targets.